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Greenlit: Alaska Marshals, Discovery Channel

Alaska Marshals – In Alaska, America’s last frontier, some of the country’s most hardened criminals are on the run. In this cold, unforgiving landscape, only the most highly-trained deputies – with expertise in wilderness tracking and survival – are up to the task of hunting down and apprehending these extremely dangerous fugitives.

This program takes viewers inside the barren Alaskan wilderness where law enforcement is unlike any other assignment in the U.S. Marshal Service. Each year, hundreds of fugitives flee here hoping to escape from the law. But this hasn’t stopped the dozen Marshals in charge from successfully taking down over 2,500 criminals in the past decade. For most of these Marshals, Alaska is home. Besides breaking the law, the biggest mistake these criminals make is thinking they could outsmart the deputies by hiding in their backyard.

The Marshals use their extreme outdoor training and conditioning to find their targets. Traveling by boat, plane, snow machine – whatever it takes –  they undertake high speed chases through one of the most extreme environments in the marshal service and the risks these deputies face to bring justice once and for all.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Base Productions

TX: 13th November 2012

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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