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Greenlit: Young People Speak, Channel 4 / 4OD

Young People Speak w/t – Colin Firth takes part in an inspiring project that focuses on a group of teenagers as they prepare for – and make – an important and challenging public speech. The Oscar winning actor is a fervent believer in the crucial role of public speaking as a force for change and empowerment.

The project, which includes both video and web content, is part of a collaboration with Canongate Books who have published an anthology The People Speak, co-curated by Firth, of some of the most influential words and speeches in British history.

Viewers follow the highs and lows of the teenagers’ individual journeys, exploring their motivations, hopes and fears as they prepare a speech that is important to their lives, friends or family, an address that will test their views and values as young people. Although their reasons for giving the speech are diverse, what unites them is a passion for their chosen topic and the knowledge that their audience will be the largest they’ve ever confronted. Firth, who won an Oscar for his role in The King’s Speech, offers invaluable advice in the art of speech-making and rally young people to have confidence in their own voice and opinions.

Channel: Channel 4 Education / 4OD

Producer: Peach Tree Films


Source: Channel 4 press release


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