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Greenlit: Space Dive, BBC2 / Nat Geo

Space Dive (1 x 60′) -This  documentary captures the historic moment when basejumper Felix Baumgartner became the first person to free-fall through the sound barrier on October 15 2012, after jumping from 128,100ft (24 miles) to earth from the edge of space.

The film follows Felix every step of the way on his journey to this record-breaking feat. Felix underwent years of training under the watchful eye of 82-year-old Colonel Joe Kittinger, the man who set the original record when he fell 19 miles to earth (102,000 feet) 50 years ago.

Apart from the usual dangers of free-falling, the near vacuum of the stratosphere and the perils of travelling faster than the speed of sound made Felix’s attempt all the more audacious. Since Joe’s jump in 1960, two men have died in similar attempts.

During Felix’s intense physical training the cameras also capture the basejumper as he struggles to overcome a severe claustrophic reaction to the movement-restricting pressure suit. Felix’s issues with the suit could have jeopardised the mission and ultimately cost him his life if he was unable to conquer his fears.

Finally, with breathtaking footage of the curvature of the earth, over 20 cameras followed Felix as he stepped out of the capsule, suspended by a giant balloon 24 miles above the earth. They followed his breathtaking leap through the stratosphere at over 700 miles per hour and his triumphant landing in the New Mexico desert. The jump was watched by over 8 million people globally.

Channel: BBC2 / National Geographic

Producer: BBC

TX: November 2012

Source: BBC press release


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