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Greenlit: Prank My Mom, Lifetime

Prank My Mom, (10 x 30′) –  A new, hidden-camera, comedy show that allows kids to show their mothers just how much they love them,  hosted by Vivica A. Fox (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dancing with the Stars).

The series features sons and daughters pulling off the most unheard of, outrageous and hilarious pranks – from a son getting caught shoplifting with his mom; to a daughter setting mom up on what turns into a blind date from hell; to a mom saying she was seriously injured in an accident to keep her child from being fired – all moms are in for a surprise they will never forget.

As the pranks progress, the kids’ acting skills are put to the test while strategically-placed hidden cameras are on hand to capture every mom’s reaction. From shock, tears and laughter, to panic and near nervous breakdowns, everyone is in on the joke… except the moms. Once they have reached their breaking points, the actors let the moms in on the secret: that they’ve been PRANKED! Cameras rush in to reveal — to a more than relieved mom — that they’ve been set up by their loved ones.

Channel: Lifetime

Producer: Thinkfactory Media

TX: 9th October 2012

Source: Lifetime press release (via Indiewire)


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