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Greenlit: Meet the Izzards, BBC1

Meet the Izzards (2 x 60′) – Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard sets out on a very personal and epic journey in a new travelogue documentary series, in which Eddie will use his own DNA to tell the story of modern humans and the Izzards. The latest cutting-edge DNA science means that the secrets of Eddie’s family history across 10,000 generations, locked in his genes, can now be revealed.

Eddie is going to explore his family’s 200,000 year story from its origins in Africa right up to the present day in Britain. Tracing his ancestral footsteps, he will follow the exodus of the tiny group of intrepid explorers who left the continent 70,000 years ago and populated the rest of the world. Along the way he will meet lots of his modern DNA cousins, learn how much sex we had with Neanderthals, discover why he has blue eyes and ginger hair and ask questions like why do we share 40% of our DNA with onions?

He’ll explore the landscapes that shaped the human experience, and the key moments on the human journey that took the Izzards from hunter-gatherers to farmers and comedians who witnessed the rise and fall of our great civilisations. For Eddie it’s a great way to meet as many of his DNA cousins as he can and bring back home a deeper understanding of how we all became who we are and how Eddie became Eddie Izzard.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Western Front Films

TX: Early 2013

Source: BBC press release


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