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Greenlit: Breaking Magic, Discovery Channel

Breaking Magic (9 x 30′) – Is science the secret sorcery to creating a successful magic trick? Get ready to learn the chemistry, physics and biology powering the world’s greatest illusions.

This series fuses the showmanship and mystery of street magic with the raw power of science. Watch as each trick surprises unsuspecting bystanders with mystifying results. Today’s freshest and most creative magicians show how science works with shocking tricks including knocking down a wall with the power of one’s voice, turning a sliver bracelet into gold, slowing the speed of a dropping cannonball and many more. Hidden cameras on the streets of London, Warsaw and New York City capture bystanders completely baffled by these magicians’ unexpected tricks. Immediately following these demonstrations, each magician explains the scientific reality behind each illusion.

Meet the magicians:

Wayne Houchin (United States of America) – Houchin made headlines when he escaped from a straitjacket while hanging 50 feet above an intersection at the age of 16. Since then, Houchin has worked with famed magician, Criss Angel, and co-founded magic site theory11.com – all while breaking world records in magic.

Ben Hanlin (United Kingdom) – Hanlin is one of the youngest members of The Magic Circle and hit U.K. fame with a 2011 appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. At only 25 years old, Hanlin continues to stun audiences globally with his amazing skills.

James Galea (Australia) – Galea is an award-winning magician who consistently headlines numerous venues with his magic shows across the world. His high-profile debut to American audiences occurred when he mystified everyone with his 673 King Street routine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010.

Billy Kidd (Canada) – one of the few female magicians in the world, Kidd has mastered the art of magic. She was trained under the world famous magician Gazzo and has traveled worldwide to show audiences her unique sense of comedy, personality and slight-of-hand magic tricks.

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Objective Productions

TX: 11th November 2012

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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