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Greenlit: Biggest and Baddest, Animal Planet Canada

Biggest and Baddest –  Canadian biologist and adventurer Niall McCann (PBS’s Lost in the Amazon) seeks out fantastic animals in far corners of the Earth, using every mode of transport available: by land, sea, on planes, in a Jeep, by canoe, and on elephant back. Working with locals, attack victims, big game hunters, and experts who have spotted these fearsome creatures – McCann gains intimate knowledge of the animals – information that may well save his life. He wrestles with anacondas to measure them; takes DNA samples of giant hogs; determines the height and films the world’s largest Asian elephants; and helps capture, measure and tag ferocious crocs.

Anacondas: Heaviest Snake in the World –  Anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the world. But just how big do they get? In the series premiere, Niall McCann arrives in Venezuela on a mission to capture and measure the largest Anacondas in the Amazon. Along the way, McCann discovers the huge variety and abundance of wildlife here – and has an incredible encounter with the biggest snake he’s ever tackled!

Big Tigers: India’s Giant Terrors – McCann travels to Nepal to pursue legends of man-eating tigers. He discovers a community being terrorized by a big cat that’s been killing their livestock. The adventurer goes in hot pursuit of the tiger, tracking it through the jungle on elephant back, by Jeep and on foot…

Salty: The Estuary Crocodile – Next up: he ventures to Australia to investigate stories of true monster crocs. McCann discovers the waters and outlying parks of Darwin are infested with them and plans to lift a giant “Salty” out of the water to take measurements and release it back into the wild.

Mammoth or Elephant? World’s Largest Asian Elephant –  Deep inside Nepal’s Bardia National Park live giant elephants that weigh twice as much as most Asian elephants and stand nearly a meter taller. McCann and local guides track the giant beasts through dense and dangerous jungle in an attempt to discover the existence of at least one giant elephant that looks eerily like the ancient – and extinct – mammoth.

Cassowary Bird: Feathered Velociraptor – The Cassowary bird is fiercely territorial and has a reputation for maiming and killing people. McCann penetrates the jungles of Queensland, Australia, to find out why the Cassowary has been categorized as the deadliest bird in the world.

Feral Hogs – In the season finale, McCann travels through Louisiana swamps to pursue stories of monster hogs. He quickly gets schooled in the art of capturing hogs with dogs and bare hands!  Remarkably, McCann is able to collect DNA material from a live specimen of a giant feral hog – he wants to know what’s making them grow so large, and just where these pig invaders come from.

Channel: Animal Planet Canada

Producer: Gryphon/Wild Planet Productions Ltd.

TX: 24th October 2012

Source: Bell Media press release


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