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Greenlit: Urban Tarzan, Spike TV

Urban Tarzan (10 x 30′) –  Follows the USA’s preeminent extreme animal handler known as UrbanTarzan (formerly John Brennan who legally changed his name to the one word UrbanTarzan) who rescues, captures, and relocates dangerous and exotic animals.

The series showcases the unpredictable world of UrbanTarzan as he runs the Urban Tarzan Animal Relocation team, a privately-owned exotic and dangerous animal relocation service whose hazardous missions runs the gamut from capturing a deadly python on the loose in a residential neighborhood to tracking down a lion who escaped from an animal sanctuary.

UrbanTarzan sees himself as someone who is not just protecting people, but protecting the animal.  He is constantly challenged with delicate task of keeping the public safe along with making sure the animal isn’t harmed in the process.  Bitten or stung by seemingly every creature in existence, UrbanTarzan relies on his intuitive sense of even the most intimidating animal. He also leans on the assistance of Jay “The Caveman” Cassidy, his right-hand man in each tumultuous situation. 

Channel: Spike TV

Producer: Asylum Entertainment

TX: Spring 2013

Source: Spike TV press release


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