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Greenlit: Stacey Solomon: Teenage Mums, BBC3

Stacey Solomon: Teenage Mums  w/t (1 x 60′) – At age 17, Stacey Solomon became pregnant. The birth of her son should have been one of the happiest times of her life but it became one of the worst when she developed post-natal depression (PND).

Five years on, in her first television documentary, X Factor finalist and singer Stacey sets out to investigate why so many teenage mothers suffer from PND and why there is so little help available to them. She meets young mothers who are going through PND, those who have come out the other side and those mothers whose experiences were so extreme that it led to them harming themselves or their baby. Stacey is determined to understand what causes PND. Is it caused by environment or is it hereditary?

Stacey wants to show that there is life after PND – that support can be found and that, as for her, having gone through the condition with a first child, it may not recur with the second.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Exclusive TV


Source: BBC3 press release


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