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Greenlit: Prison Dads, BBC3

Prison Dads w/t (1 x 60′) – There are almost 10,000 young offenders in Britain and a shocking 25% are fathers or dads-to-be. For all young parents, having a baby is the biggest challenge of their lives. But how do they cope with the added pressure of parenting behind bars?

Prison Dads follows 18-21 year olds serving in Glen Parva, the largest Young Offenders Institute in Europe. The series charts the emotional journeys faced by prison dads as they grapple with the demands of parenting while being banged up. How does it feel to be locked in a cell knowing your baby girl will be born any day? How will they cope with meeting their child for the first time on a prison visit?

And behind each prisoner is a string of other people whose lives have changed dramatically. With every prison sentence handed out, a hidden sentence is also bestowed – on baby-mums and their bundles of joy who are left to fend for themselves. They must bring their newborn baby into prison to face sniffer dogs and nappy searches. Some decide to shield their children from the trauma of prison visits – saying instead that daddy’s gone to a holiday camp! For all of them, the impact of prison life on their parenting is profound.

With privileged access and surprising stories, Prison Dads is a moving and uplifting film which charts the successes and failures of some of Britain youngest parents bringing up their babies in the most extreme and challenging circumstances.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Minnow Films


Source: BBC3 press release


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