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Greenlit: Operation Homefront, Channel 5

Operation Homefront – Documentary series that follows the building adventures of a multi-skilled ex-military team, led by former Royal Engineer and Special Forces soldier Kevin Godlington.

Over 60,000 service men and women will leave the armed forces over the next five years as part of defence budget cuts. At the same time, as austerity measures kick in all over Britain, genuinely brilliant local initiatives which could transform entire communities have hit the buffers as funding dries up. This series sees ex-military men and women who’ve returned from the frontline join forces to serve some British communities in need.

Many of these service men and women emerge into civvy street with a hugely impressive range of practical skills. Together they prove that the discipline, long hours, sense of purpose and well-oiled working structures of military life can create a makeover team to end all makeover teams.

The ex-military team will smash, demolish, build, blag, cajole and improvise their way across the UK, taking on a range of challenges in British communities in need of help. One week it could be transforming a disused hospital into a centre for disabled children, another it could be rebuilding a dilapidated lifeboat house where rescue operations are currently compromised. But whether it is an inner city, rural area or coastal community, the team will always be deploying the unique military skills they’ve learned while serving their country

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: North One

TX: 2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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