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Greenlit: Matt Frei’s Obama and Me, Channel 4

Matt Frei’s Obama and Me (1 x 50′) – A thought-provoking and entertaining film about Barack Obama’s Presidency presented by Channel 4’s renowned Washington Correspondent, will explore what ordinary Americans think about the man many of his supporters called “Black Jesus”.

The Obama Presidency has been a roller-coaster ride. Obama entered the White House adored by millions; but since then it’s been an uphill struggle; wrestling with the worst recession for sixty years, and Republican enemies who are determined to thwart the President at every turn.  Obama has been criticized for political naiveté, for failing to create a clear narrative to explain his policy decisions, and for tactical blunders which have damaged his Presidency. Many Americans feel that this is an historic election – the last chance to turn around a country that seems in terminal decline. With the Republican candidate Mitt Romney breathing down his neck in the polls, Matt asks whether Obama – America’s first black President – will also be a one-term President?

Frei embarks on an election road trip across the Midwest – from Minnesota to Michigan – stopping off at political rallies, Mormon church services, and even a horror convention, to take the temperature of Main Street America in this election year. The film examines the ups and downs of Obama’s presidency and in particular it’ll focus on what is rapidly becoming an endangered species in America: the middle class.

Channel: Ch4

Producer: Oxford Films

TX: November 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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