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Greenlit: i.am.mars: Reach for the Stars, Science

i.am.mars: Reach For The Stars This special documents the artistic and technical process behind “Reach for the Stars (Mars Edition)”, a new song by will.i.am that became the first song ever to be broadcast from another planet to Earth.

In what is being hailed as “the most complex Mars mission to date,” NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft successfully landed on the Red Planet on August 6, 2012. Since then the Curiosity rover has returned stunning photographs and valuable information about the Martian surface that is helping scientists determine if it had or still has the ability to support life.

Recently, Curiosity also returned will.i.am’s new song “Reach for the Stars (Mars Edition)” as-for the first time in history-recorded music was broadcast from a planet to Earth. This show profiles will.i.am’s passion for science and his belief in inspiring the next generation of scientists through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education.

will.i.am also gives viewers a window into his creative process throughout the making of “Reach For The Stars (Mars Edition)”, as well as the recording of the song with multiple children’s choirs and orchestral players. In addition, viewers also go inside the engineering challenges NASA faced in uploading the song to Curiosity, and the hard work required to make the historic 350 million mile interplanetary broadcast a reality.

Channel: Science


TX: 19th September 2012

Source: Science Channel press release


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