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Greenlit: America ReFramed, WORLD Channel

America ReFramed (26 x 60/90′) – Showcases films that will give viewers a “snapshot” of the transforming American life —the guts, the grit and the glamour of a new and changing America – and tells the many stories of a transforming American culture and its broad diversity.  The weekly series takes an unfiltered look at relevant domestic topics (healthcare, immigration, the workplace, and politics) with personal storytelling tied to programming social themes -from contemporary life on Native American reservations to stories of recovery on the Gulf, from hardships and revitalization in towns big and small to stories from city streets across the country.
Natasha Del Toro, an independent documentary producer and journalist, introduces these films to viewers each week, leveraging her journalistic background with filmmaker interviews and bringing her interpretations to the films with independent commentary.

Broadcast on the WORLD channel, America ReFramed can be seen on public television stations nationwide. The series rundown includes:

  • Chisholm ’72  tells the story of the first black woman to run for President in 1972.
  • Street Fight covers the turbulent campaign of young graduate running for Newark, New Jersey mayor against the four-term incumbent.
  • La Americana involves an immigrant coming to America to support her disabled daughter back in Colombia.
  • Push: Madison v Madison follows a Massachusetts high school basketball coach who becomes a father figure to his students.
  • Passionate Politics is the biography of Charlotte Bunch, a feminist activist and writer impassioned by global human rights.
  • Trust addresses the issue of urban poverty through Chicago inner-city youth who have faced abuse and trauma and use art and theatre as a form of therapy.
  • Skydancer is a story of the Mohawk tribe in upstate New York and their involvement in the construction of modern sky scrapers.
  • To Be Determined
  • Medicine Game pursues the story of two brothers from the Onodaga Nation and their struggle to live up to family’s expectations while paying lacrosse for Syracuse University.
  • My Louisiana Love shares a family post-Karin recovering from their loss and dealing with maintaining their cultural heritage as a tribe not recognized by the United States.
  • Meat Hooked  depicts how the American culture interacts with food, specifically meat and how it relates to different heritages.

For up to the minute scheduling information, please visit:  http://worldcompass.org/shows/americareframed_press

Channel: WORLD Channel

TX: 9th September 2012

Source: Press release (via PR Newswire)


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