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Sheffield Doc/Fest Sessions on iTunes and YouTube

Sheffield Doc/Fest has launched a weekly podcast series iTunes and sessions from the 2012 festival are available to watch on the Sheffield Doc/Fest YouTube channel, which to date features 149 sessions, including an impressive line-up of interviews and masterclasses.

Each week, Doc/Fest will make a new session podcast available to download, drawing from a spectacular back catalogue dating to 2004.

Greenlit: Sandra Lee’s Taverns, Lounges & Clubs, Cooking Channel

Sandra Lee’s Taverns, Lounges & Clubs – Sandra Lee searches for the hottest nightlife spots in America. Born out of Sandra’s most popular segment from Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee, ‘Cocktail Time’, the new series highlights the hottest spots in America from neighborhood hangouts and historical watering holes to elegant cocktail lounges and buzzing sports […]

Greenlit: Sandra’s Restaurant Remakes, Food Network

Sandra’s Restaurant Remakes – Sandra Lee, known for making semi-homemade recipes and money-saving meals, hits the road visiting famous food establishments across the country to learn the tricks of their signature dishes and then recreates them the easy way. Sandra takes on the famous fare of restaurants, bakeries and bars, and then puts her unique […]

Greenlit: Urban Tarzan, Spike TV

Urban Tarzan (10 x 30′) –  Follows the USA’s preeminent extreme animal handler known as UrbanTarzan (formerly John Brennan who legally changed his name to the one word UrbanTarzan) who rescues, captures, and relocates dangerous and exotic animals. The series showcases the unpredictable world of UrbanTarzan as he runs the Urban Tarzan Animal Relocation team, […]

Greenlit: Ambush Make Under, Veria Living

Ambush Make Under w/t (13 x 60′) –  Makeover show that attempts to show women that, in terms of beauty, less can be more. Channel: Veria Living Producer: Banyan Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Fat Family Rescue, Veria Living

Fat Family Rescue w/t (13 x 60′) – Body and mind makeover show focusing on overweight families.   Channel: Veria Living Producer: Nancy Glass Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Troupe Star, ABC

Troupe Star (8 x 60′) – Reality competition series featuring military veterans and those still serving in the forces. Channel: ABC Producer: 5 Streams Global Entertainment TX: 12th January 2013 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, UKTV Dave

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series –  Docuseries following the extreme exploits of cliff divers from Corsica to the Azores and beyond. Channel: UKTV Dave Producer: UMTV TX: 7th October 2012 Source: UKTV press office

Greenlit: Chiller 13: Most Horrifying Hook-Ups, Chiller

Chiller 13: Most Horrifying Hook-Ups (1 x ) – Counting down Hollywood’s most fatal attractions of all time. Channel: Chiller Producer: Associated Television International TX: February 2013 Source: Chiller press release (via The Futon Critic)

Greenlit: Rupert Murdoch Documentary, BBC2

Rupert Murdoch (1 x 60′) –  Documentary about media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his impact on the British press. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Genie Pictures TX: 2013 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Chiller 13: Horror’s Most Wanted, Chiller

Chiller 13: Horror’s Most Wanted (1 x ) – Masters of horror and comedy come together to count down the biggest, meanest and most outrageous villains to ever terrorize the big scree. Channel: Chiller Producer: Associated Television International TX: December 2012 Source: Chiller press release (via The Futon Critic)

Greenlit: Show Me Your Wardrobe, Sky Living

Show Me Your Wardrobe (10 x ) –  Fashion stylist Jackie Dixon and model/designer Zara Martin visit celebrities and hunt through their wardrobes to find their best and worst outfits and find their signature style. Part clothing biography / part fashion show that reveals how ordinary people can replicate their look (with the help of […]

Greenlit: Animal Sanctuary, Horse and Country TV

Animal Sanctuary (6 x 30′) – Documentary series following the staff of several animal rescue centres in the North West of England as they help donkeys, horses and other animals. Channel: Horse and Country TV Producer: Key Productions TX: November 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Rolf’s Animal Clinic, Channel 5

Rolf’s Animal Clinic (6 x 60′) –  Presented by renowned broadcaster and animal lover Rolf Harris, the series follows teams of highly-skilled professionals and students at The University of Liverpool’s Vet School whose daily work involves dealing with medical emergencies and treating the injuries and ailments of a wide variety of animals – from domestic […]

Greenlit: David Attenborough’s Natural Curoiosities, UKTV Eden

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities (5 x 30′) – Sir David shines a spotlight on some of nature’s extraordinary evolutionary anomalies and how, even today, these curious animals continue to baffle and fascinate. Each episode features two creatures with curiously distinctive adaptations that link together with a common theme. From the curious ‘hoax’ of the Platypus’s […]

Greenlit: Indian House of Surrogates, BBC4

Indian House of Surrogates w/t  (1 x 60′) – Access-driven documentary that goes behind the scenes of the Akanksha Clinic in Gujurat, India that looks after women who are part of the $2bn surrogate pregnancy industry. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Special Edition Films TX: 2013 Source: Broadcast

In: Tom McDonald, Commissioning Executive, Factual, BBC

Tom McDonald has been appointed as a factual commissioning executive at the BBC, focusing on science, natural history and documentaries, and reporting to Charlotte Moore and Kim Shillinglaw. Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Operation Iceberg, BBC2 / Discovery Channel

Operation Iceberg – A team of adventurers and scientists put their courage to the test in the most extreme of environments – exploring the unknown world of icebergs. Chris Packham, Helen Czerski, Andy Torbet, Chris Van Tulleken and Doug Allan travel to the Arctic to trace the life cycle of icebergs, some of Earth’s most […]

Greenlit: The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife, Smithsonian Channel

The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife (1 x 60′) –   This documentary details the findings of Dr. Karen King, the Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School, who has found that a fourth century codex written in the ancient Egyptian Coptic language refers to the wife of Jesus. This is the first reference to Jesus […]

Greenlit: Travel Like…, Travel Channel

Travel Like a President (1 x 60′) –  NBC News Correspondent Peter Alexander hosts this new series of specials. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel like POTUS? Or an icon? Or a movie star?  This program ransports viewers to Air Force One and beyond, showcasing the behind the scenes efforts […]

ITVS International Moves to Rolling Applications

ITVS International no longer has a once a year submission deadline but will now consider projects on a rolling basis.   The International Initiative provides production and/or post-production funds for single non-fiction television documentaries that bring international perspectives, ideas, stories and people to a U.S. audience. This initiative is for non-U.S. producers and filmmakers who live […]

Out: Sadia Butt, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, Sky

Sadia Butt is leaving her role as commissioning editor for factual entertainment at Sky to take up a job as executive producer at Watershed TV. Read more: Realscreen

Greenlit: i.am.mars: Reach for the Stars, Science

i.am.mars: Reach For The Stars –This special documents the artistic and technical process behind “Reach for the Stars (Mars Edition)”, a new song by will.i.am that became the first song ever to be broadcast from another planet to Earth. In what is being hailed as “the most complex Mars mission to date,” NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft […]

Greenlit: Down South Dance, TLC

Down South Dance – Explore the intensely completive world of clogging as we follow two teams of teen cloggers as they compete in the R2K Clogging Invitational. The sport of clogging might not have the national profile of other dance styles, but its competitive spirit and furious pace is demanding more and more attention. Clogging […]

Up: Lynn Sadofsky, VP/Production and Development, National Geographic Channels

Lynn Sadofsky has been appointed as SVP/Production and Development at National Geographic Channels in NYC, reporting to Alan Eyres, SVP/Programming and Development. Source: Cynopsis

In: Noel Siegel, SVP/Production and Development, National Geographic Channels

Noel Siegel has been appointed as SVP/Production and Development at National Geographic Channels in Washington, D.C., reporting to Michael Cascio. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Jonathan Goodwin Project, UKTV Watch

The Jonathan Goodwin Project  w/t (4 x 60″) – Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin puts himself to the test. Channel: UKTV Watch Producer: Objective Productions / Crook Productions TX: March  2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Matt Frei’s Obama and Me, Channel 4

Matt Frei’s Obama and Me (1 x 50′) – A thought-provoking and entertaining film about Barack Obama’s Presidency presented by Channel 4’s renowned Washington Correspondent, will explore what ordinary Americans think about the man many of his supporters called “Black Jesus”. The Obama Presidency has been a roller-coaster ride. Obama entered the White House adored […]

Greenlit: Walking Through History with Tony Robinson, Channel 4

Walking Through History with Tony Robinson w/t (4 x 60′) –  Aimed at history buffs and dedicated ramblers alike, in this series Tony Robinson takes the viewer on a series of visually spectacular walks through some of Britain’s most historic landscapes in search of the richest stories from Britain’s past. In each programme Tony follows […]

Greenlit: My Life as a Lifetime Movie, Lifetime

My Life as a Lifetime Movie (7 x60′) – Docuseries that features women whose dramatic lives have put them in danger and resemble a Lifetime movie, telling their stories via interviews and reconstructions. Channel: Lifetime Producer: DiGa TX: 17th October 2012 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Kevin Michael Connolly Project, Travel Channel

Kevin Michael Connolly Project w/t (6 x 30′) – Kevin Michael Connolly is an author, photographer and self-proclaimed thrill seeker who was born without legs and has a thing for pushing the limits of what’s possible.   Rock climbing, skiing, hiking mountains – You name it, he’s devoured it.  Ever since he was old enough to […]

Greenlit: Feed the Beast, Travel Channel

Feed the Beast (6 x 30′) – Mikey Roe knows where to find the best late night eats all over America.  Each episode features a major city with great nightlife where Mikey visits after-hours eateries, sampling some of the craziest concoctions that can only satisfy a “late night palette.” Along the way, Mikey chats with […]

Greenlit: The Gloves are Off, Sky1

The Gloves are Off (3 x 60′) – Ex-world featherweight boxing champion Barry McGuigan and his son, Shane, train ex-cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff before he takes his chances in a live BoxNation boxing match at Manchester Arena. Channel: Sky1 Producer: Fulwell 73 Productions / Merlin Elite TX: Late 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, HBO

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (feature-length)  – The latest project from Oscar®winner Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) exposes the abuse of power in the Catholic Church and a cover-up that winds its way from the row houses of Milwaukee through the bare ruined choirs of Ireland’s churches all the […]

Greenlit: Edge of America, Travel Channel

Edge of America (13 x 30′) – Calf Testicle Festivals in Oklahoma… Lobster Boat Races in Maine… Tall Bike Jousting in Oregon… Americans will do just about anything to entertain themselves…and entertainment journalist Geoff Edgers wants to know why we do the things we do in the name of fun. Edgers investigates his way across […]

Greenlit: Abalone Wars, Discovery Asia-Pacific

Abalone Wars (3 x 60′) – Shot in stunning high definition, ventures inside the high stakes game of one of Australia’s most dangerous professions – the hunt for green and black abalone from the ocean floor. In never before seen footage, these extraordinary men and women face off with Great White Sharks, some of the […]

Greenlit: The Other Side, APTN

The Other Side (13 x 30′) – Documentary series following a paranormal team, including Bill Connelly and Jeff Richards as they travel across America looking for ghostly happenings. Channel: APTN (Canada) Producer: Angel Entertainment / RedCloud Studios TX: 2013 Source: C21

Greenlit: Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury, National Geographic

Dragon Wars: Fire and Fury –  TV special which takes viewers inside the greatest battles between man and dragon in Western folklore.  Told through stunning animated and live action sequences, the show will explore the many influences that came together to create the sum of all medieval fears:  the dragon.  Centered around four historically documented […]

Greenlit: Food and Drink, BBC2

Food and Drink (6 x 30′) – A revival of a show that first graced UK television screens in the 1980s. This much loved and iconic series makes a comeback with world renowned chef Michel Roux Jnr at the helm.  The Roux Family is synonymous with exquisite cooking and Michel is the ideal host for […]

Greenlit: Chuck’s Eat the Street, Cooking Channel

Chuck’s Eat The Street – Charismatic chef Chuck Hughes visits some of the most distinguished and intriguing streets in America, tasting delectable foods along the way. Whether it is Beale Street in Memphis, Mission Street in San Francisco, or Magazine Street in New Orleans, Chuck experiences the history, lore and food behind these famous streets. […]

Greenlit: Animal Intervention, Nat Geo WILD

Animal Intervention –  Animal experts Alison Eastwood and Donald Schultz travel across the USA to step in to inspect the living conditions at a range of private homes, farms, and wildlife parks whey they suspect captive wild animals are not being looked after correctly. Channel: Nat Geo WILD Producer: Bienstock Young Media TX: 2nd October […]

Greenlit: Model Employee, VH1

Model Employee (8 x ) – A reality competition series that determines just how far eight models will go for the opportunity of becoming the face of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. American model Chrissy Teigen hosts. In order to represent Mandalay Bay, the contestants are put through a series of challenges designed to […]

Greenlit: Naked and Marooned, Discovery Channel UK

Naked and Marooned (3 x 60′) – Ex-soldier Ed Stafford has to survive for two months on a deserted island in the South Pacific with nothing (not even the clothes on his back). As he tries to find ways to sustain himself he also has to self-shoot everything… Channel: Discovery Channel UK Producer: Tigress Productions […]

Greenlit: Yukon Gold, History Television (Canada)

Yukon Gold (10 x 60′) – Docureality series following gold miners in living and working in Dawson City. Channel: History Television (Canada) Producer: Paperny Entertainment TX: Early 2103 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Britan’s Got Talent Singers Doc, ITV1

Britain’s Got Talent Singers Documentary w/t (1 x 60′) –  A documentary that charts the progress of two opera singing teenagers since they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Avanti Media TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Operation Homefront, Channel 5

Operation Homefront – Documentary series that follows the building adventures of a multi-skilled ex-military team, led by former Royal Engineer and Special Forces soldier Kevin Godlington. Over 60,000 service men and women will leave the armed forces over the next five years as part of defence budget cuts. At the same time, as austerity measures kick […]

Greenlit: Curvy Girls, NuvoTV

Curvy Girls – Reality series that provides a fierce and fascinating all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional plus-size modeling by shining the spotlight on four full-figured beauties that won’t let anything get in the way of their success. There’s Rosie, a voluptuous Latina beauty fighting to reshape questionable casting practices in the industry; […]

Greenlit: Chef Race: UK vs US, BBC America

Chef Race: U.K. vs. U.S. (10 x 60′) –  Pits 16 chefs – eight Brits versus eight Americans – against each other as they race across the country using their culinary skills and business savvy in the hopes of winning a grand prize of $100,000 dollars. Michelin-starred London restaurateur, Richard Corrigan (Masterchef), serves as a […]

Greenlit: America ReFramed, WORLD Channel

America ReFramed (26 x 60/90′) – Showcases films that will give viewers a “snapshot” of the transforming American life —the guts, the grit and the glamour of a new and changing America – and tells the many stories of a transforming American culture and its broad diversity.  The weekly series takes an unfiltered look at […]

Up: Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, VP/Development, LMNO Productions

Lori Rothschild Ansaldi has been promoted to the role of VP/Development at LMNO in Hollywood. Source: Cynopsis

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