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Greenlit: The Man Who Saved the World: Revealed, Channel 5

The Man Who Saved the World: Revealed w/t (1 x 45′) – Ahead of the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, this film reveals a long-hidden and even more shocking side to the events of 1962. Today the public remembers Kennedy and Khrushchev’s public battle of nerves. But away from the glare of publicity, a lone Russian submarine brought us to the brink of World War Three – and one of its crew, Vasili Arkhipov, brought us back. Amazingly, this story has only recently come to light. But Arkhipov’s disobedience in the face of a direct order from his captain was the thing that stopped Russian nuclear missiles being fired on the USA – with catastrophic knock-on consequences. Based on long-hidden papers from a Russian archive and incorporating brand new eye-witness accounts and a first ever UK TV interview with Arkhipov’s widow, this is the untold story of the most dangerous moment in human history. 

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Bedlam Productions


Source: Channel 5 press release


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