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Greenlit: The Customer is Always Right, OWN / TLC

The Customer is Always Right (8 x 60′) –  Some of America’s most recognizable companies turn to their customers for feedback and new ideas on improving their bottom lines.  In an unprecedented experiment, two loyal customers are tapped by a company CEO to spend a week with the organization and to implement real improvements to its business model.  Each episode follows the once-in-a-lifetime challenge as both customers work alongside the company’s top executives to address the company’s biggest issues. In the end, the participants’ efforts are judged by a final focus group.  If the group likes the changes that were made, the two will walk away with $10,000 and boasting rights that the customer is indeed always right.

Channel: OWN / TLC

Producer: Katalyst

TX: 2013

Source: OWN press release


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