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Greenlit: Soldiers Behind Bars, Channel 5

Soldiers Behind Bars (2 x 60′) – The number of ex-servicemen in British prisons is increasing. In fact military veterans now constitute the largest occupational group in the prison system. Psychiatrists and criminologists are battling to understand this worrying trend that some say it is just the tip of an iceberg. So why do ex-servicemen run a greater risk of falling foul of the law? Is it the brutalising effect of war, the hardened self-image, the macho do-or-die ethos, the predisposition to confront a threat? Is this why most ex-servicemen in jail or on probation have committed a violent crime or a sexual crime? Chris Terrill, the only military trained documentary maker in Britain, immerses himself in the often sad and lonely world of the veteran to investigate this worrying phenomenon. What he finds is both shocking and surprising.

Channel: Channel 5

TX: Winter 2012/2013

Source: Channel 5 press release


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