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Greenlit: Secret Interview, Channel 5

Secret Interview (4 x 60′) – A show that puts eight unknowing people through an interview process they will never forget…  The unwitting candidates believe they are filming a documentary about their workplace. In fact they are about to have an interview for the job of a lifetime without even knowing it’s happening.

Each of them will be tested to their limits by a team of undercover actors intent on causing utter chaos. Meanwhile, their prospective new boss, a giant of their industry, watches everything unbeknownst to the candidates.

Conducting the Secret Interviews will be Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton, property tycoon Kevin Green, editor of women’s magazine Glamour Jo Elvin and hair stylist to the stars Nicky Clarke. It’s going to be the working week of their lives and every move they make could take them a step closer to a job with the Secret Interviewers that could transform their world.

  • In the first episode, two aspiring chefs go in for the ultimate cook off with a new recipe; one fake food critic, a sprinkle of nightmare food orders and a rubbish waitress to garnish.
  • In episode two, a pair of hopeful estate agents come up against bogus buyers and tenants from hell whilst having to remain calm and collected.
  • In episode three, a duo of helpless hairdressers try to impress with flying colours and not dull lowlights. But will a late bluffing bride and bogus bridesmaids push them over the edge?
  • In the fourth episode, a pair of fashionistas have to organise an impromptu promo party with 60 minutes to “make it happen” and work experience girls who hinder, not help.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Twofour

TX: August 2012

Source: Channel 5 press release


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