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Greenlit: Hawaii Air Rescue, The Weather Channel

Hawaii Air Rescue  w/t – Docu-series that follows the crew of Hawaii Life Flight, the exclusive air ambulatory service for the Hawaiian Islands, who face traumatic medical cases, dramatic weather conditions, and other environmental dangers as they make life-saving medical calls, rescues and transfers throughout the most remote island chain on Earth.

From severe car crashes to massive heart attacks, the Hawaii Life Flight team of medics confronts the most dramatic medical emergencies imaginable. Working on an island chain in the middle of the Pacific, they also face numerous weather challenges: gale force winds, hurricanes and tsunamis are always a looming threat for the team. And, even under normal weather conditions, rogue waves, rip currents and other natural hazards can cause drownings, diving accidents, and other rescue missions for the HLF team.

Additionally, fog, wind shear, air quality and volcanic eruptions blanketing the air with smoke are constant factors that inhibit the Hawaii Life Flight pilot. Further, heavy humidity causes quick and unsuspected thunder and lighting storms, followed by explosive torrential rain bursts.  For patients in crisis, every second counts,
and severe weather adds one more layer of drama to the job for the fearless Hawaii Life Flight crew.

Channel: The Weather Channel

Producer: Zero Point Zero Productions

TX: 5th September 2012

Source: The Weather Channel press release


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