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Greenlit: Brain Surgery, Channel 5

Brain Surgery (4 x 60′) – This is a significant period in our quest to understand the brain. Thanks to medical advances in the past 20 years, we now have the ability to tackle tumours, save road traffic accident victims, stop epileptic seizures, control Parkinson’s tremors and even treat depression, all using neurosurgical techniques. Neurosurgeons are still amongst the elite of public medicine but today advances mean that they are able not only to deal with life-threatening disease or trauma – they can be intimately and powerfully involved in the quality of life of their patients. And new advances are being made all the time. Of the 30 specialist neuroscience centres operating in the UK, the Walton Centre in Liverpool is at the forefront, both in terms of its highly experienced staff and cutting edge technology. It’s the only NHS Neuroscience Trust in the UK and in this series The Walton has given full access to their staff and facilities. The series will follow some of the Walton Centre’s most impressive, ground-breaking surgical stories as each episode will follows patients, each suffering from a different neurological condition.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Rare Day

TX: Autumn 2012

Source: Channel 5 press release

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