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Greenlit: Battle for the Border, Animal Planet

Battle for the Border w/t (aka Hell on the Border) (6 x ) – Caught between a vast desert and a 20-foot tall steel fence, Nogales, Arizona is a small town dead center in the middle of the war on drugs. The enemy is a ruthless Mexican cartel consisting of a highly organized and well-financed army of criminals smuggling narcotics, weapons, cash and humans day and night.  The cartel makes billions of dollars in illegal profits.  Fortunately, the men of the elite Nogales Police Department K-9 unit are sworn to protect their town and border and will stop at nothing to put an end to this dangerous cartel. Whether raiding drug-stash houses, capturing human traffickers, or busting weapons caches, these officers and their canines put their lives on the line fighting a never-ending battle.

Officers and canines in the line of duty include the following:

  • Officer Mario Lopez aka “Falcon” and K-9 “Readi” – with a master’s degree in psychology, Lopez is the unit’s “brainiac.”  Born and raised in Nogales, Lopez has been with the Nogales Police Department for nine years. He’s always wanted to be a part of the K-9 unit, and just three months ago, his dream came true and has been hard at work learning the ropes.
  • Officer Amador Vasquez aka “Gecko” and K-9 “Ilo” –  Although Officer Vasquez may look a little like the famous lizard from the television commercials, don’t underestimate his abilities.  His expertise is reading suspects, and he has a keen sense for finding the real story behind words and body language.  Vasquez was born in Mexico and moved to Nogales when he was 16-years-old. He has been a police officer for seven years and a K-9 officer for one.
  • Officer John Zuniga aka “Captain Chaos” and K-9 “Tesko” Wherever Zuniga goes, action follows.  He is the team’s weapons expert and gets an “A+” in aggression.  He has been a police officer for 13 years and a K-9 handler for four. He’s lived in Nogales for 34 years and will never call any other place home.
  •  Officer Christian Flores aka “Patron” and K-9 “Thorpe Officer Flores is the boss, but he’s a surprisingly mild-mannered guy.  Respected for his excellent judgment and calm demeanor in even the most dangerous situations, Flores was born and raised in Nogales and has been a K-9 officer for six years.
  • Officer Oscar Mesta II aka “Crash” and K-9 “Ari” Mesta is the joker.  He’s never short of a funny story or a witty line, but he’s dead serious when it comes to protecting Nogales.  Mesta is a new K-9 officer and before working at Nogales Police Department, he was living in Tucson working as a sheriff’s deputy.

The officers see it all from high-risk drug busts, human trafficking and gunrunners to cash smuggling and a runaway bull downtown. Exploits seen in the all-new series include: a death-defying escape artist, apprehending a gang of poss ible cartel cash smugglers and the confiscation of bundles of dope worth nearly $100,000.

Channel: Animal Planet

Producer: Hoff Productions

TX: 19th August 2012

Source: Animal Planet press release


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