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John Barrowman’s Dallas, Channel 5

John Barrowman’s Dallas (2 x 30′)  – Presenter, singer and actor John Barrowman fronts a glossy, cheeky and occasionally outrageous exclusive behind the scenes look at the brand new series of Dallas.  With unparalleled access to both the Southfork Ranch and the downtown set, John Barrowman’s Dallas will offer the definitive Dallas fan experience. Barrowman seeks out Dallas regulars, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

The two docs will also see John Barrowman attempt to pass muster as a real Dallas cowboy with the help of Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) as they invade JR’s wardrobe on set, and steal some of his clothes to give John the true Dallas look. John will also follow the two younger Ewings; Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) as he takes off across the Texas plains on horseback, and & John Ross (Josh Henderson) who is coerced by John into a line-dancing contest in a gay cowboy bar accompanied by none other than the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

John will leave no classic moment unturned as he speaks to the stars from the original series about everything from THAT shower scene and the shooting of JR to Bobby & JR’s swimming pool fight and Pam Ewing crashing her car into a fuel tanker. To cap it off, John will travel to Larry Hagman’s home in California to sneak a peek of his stunning collection of Dallas memorabilia and gets the inside scoop into the most famous – and most hated – TV character of all time.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Channel 5

TX: Autumn 2012

Source: Channel 5 press release


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