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Greenlit: We Call it Home, BBC3

We Call It Home w/t (6 x 60′) – Documentary series that looks at the story of British estates, meeting some of the lively, engaging and charming characters who capture the truth of life on Britain’s estates. Set entirely on a housing estate in North Manchester, the documentary tells the stories of young people growing up at the sharp end of life in Britain in 2012 – in their own words.

Life changing stories of teenage pregnancies, looming jail sentences, drug addicted parents and dreams of escaping to become a world famous rap star are mixed with fleeting snapshots of every day young life that are shocking, hilarious, outrageous and profound.

This series is immersed in the world of the estate. From the launderette beleaguered by local burglars to the beauticians where a ‘wow brow’ is the current fashion statement of the summer; from the impromptu riding stables on a patch of wasteland to the disused council property that has been turned into an illegal party house, the everyday activities of the estate provide a rich backdrop to the extraordinary highs and lows of young life in this vibrant and often contradictory world.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Dragonfly Productions


Source: BBC press release


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