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Greenlit: Top Secret Weapons Revealed, Military Channel

Top Secret Weapons Revealed (6 x 50′) – The series reveals an array of outlandish weapons devised by military forces around the world, some so bizarre that they never made it off the drawing board.
Unorthodox military innovations featured in the series include a U.S. smart bomb, which was piloted by live pigeons, a jet pack used by flying soldiers, a incendiary bombing program that used bats released from aircraft and a giant Catherine Wheel, designed by the British for the D Day landings in Normandy.

“Many of these weapons were little known or not known at all and some have to be seen to be believed. Billions of dollars were invested in their development” said World Media Rights Executive Producer Matthew Barrett. “As a result of the exhaustive testing programs, they were also extensively filmed. Some of the material has never been seen before as we transferred significant amounts of material from the archives into broadcast format.”

Channel: Military Channel

Producer: World Media Rights


Source: World Media Rights press release



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