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Greenlit: The uneXplained, BIO

The uneXplained ( x 30′) – Series that explores strange real life cases and individuals who turn to the supernatural world for help when all traditional methods have failed to provide a resolution. From intuitive healers to spirit channelers to psychic mediums, the series approaches mysterious physical circumstances with alternative spiritual methods.  It includes first-hand accounts from people dealing with a range of  unusual afflictions including undiagnosed disease, physical limitation, loss of memory, an unsettled cause of death, paranormal activity and unsolved crime.  In each personal story, the individual consults with a mystical expert in hopes of finding an explanation or remedy that may only lie beyond the physical world.

In the series premiere, Disappearance at Dead Man’s Curve, the family of a man missing for a year refuses to give up hope and meets with a psychic detective to try and help solve the cold case. In the second episode, My Mysterious Seizures, a single mother of three is prevented from leading a normal life because of debilitating seizures.  With doctors unable to diagnose her illness, she puts herself in the hands of a Shamanic Healer.

Channel: BIO

Producer: Air Extreme

TX: 4th August 2012

Source: BIO press release (via TV by the Numbers)


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