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Greenlit: Bomb Hunters, History Channel Canada

Bomb Hunters (8 x ) – For almost a century, Canada has been a nationwide training camp for allied armed forces from all over the world.  Millions of tons of munitions were fired and tested in fields and lakes across the country, and an estimated one in seven failed to explode. Dormant, but not dead, these munitions are known as UXO’s (unexploded explosive ordnance). There are several hundred known land locations across the country and over a thousand underwater sites from coast-to-coast – but only a handful of companies in Canada have the know-how and courage for the job. This series follows these unique crews of UXO techs, seasoned ex-military bomb disposal experts, combat divers and specialized geophysicists as they dig, dive, discover and dispose of the hidden explosives in real life operations ranging from the remote regions of Canada to its populated suburbs.

Channel: History Channel Canada

TX: 27th August 2012

Source: Shaw Media press release


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