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Greenlit: A History of the World in Three Colours, BBC4

A History of the World in Three Colours ( x 60′) – Following his BAFTA nominated debut series, British Masters, Dr. James Fox returns with this original and provocative new series. Dr Fox explores how in the hands of artists, the colours Gold, Blue and White have stirred our emotions, changed the way we behave and even altered the course of history.

Fox takes us on an adventure from the pre-historic world to – quite literally – the dark side of the moon, bringing us the golden splendour of the Pharaohs, the transcendent blues of the Renaissance and the gleaming white marbles of the Enlightenment as well as curious and forgotten works of genius.

Along the way, Fox introduces us to the eccentrics, the dreamers and the visionary artists whose works in gold, blue and white will change the way we see the kaleidoscopic world around us.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC Vision


Source: BBC press release


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