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Greenlit: The Liquidator, OLN

The Liquidator (13 x 30′) – Dive into the high-stakes world of buying and selling as we meet haggler, trader and owner of Vancouver’s largest liquidation store, Jeff Schwarz. When it comes to moving discarded merchandise, Schwarz has done it all. Setting his sights on the big-time deal, he’s trading up to become the “Liquidation King,” living out his mission of buying low, selling high, and keeping the merchandise moving. Each episode shows a day in the life of Schwarz – from getting the tip and checking out the goods, to making the deal, finding a buyer, and watching the dollar signs soar or sink.
In the series premiere Schwarz finds treasure in a trash heap as he picks through the remains of a heavy duty diesel shop. From power tools to forklifts, Schwarz has hit the jackpot and decides the best way to sell and make a big profit is through an auction.
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Channel: OLN

Producer: Anaid Productions

TX: 3rd July 2012

Source: OLN press release


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