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Greenlit: Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses, More 4

Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses (20 x 60′) –  Sarah Beeny helps not-so-savvy sellers maximise the saleability of their homes by giving them a unique opportunity to snoop on the competition.

In each episode Sarah works with one buyer and three homeowners desperate to sell. At the start of the programme, the three homeowners get the chance snoop around each other’s houses, giving them the chance to comment on each other’s tastes and then decide what they need to do in their own homes to stay ahead of the competition.

Sarah is on hand to make sure they’ve learnt the right lessons – and offer her advice about what must change about the sellers’ properties to make sure they stand out from the others.

Each seller must then decide to either follow Sarah’s advice or go with their own instincts, and will then have one week to make any changes.

Once the makeovers are complete, it’s crunch time, as the prospective buyer chooses their favourite house and reveals whether they like it enough to put in an offer.

With a healthy dose of competition, this series is packed full of handy tips to make your house stand out and become more saleable on a budget.

Channel: More 4

Producer: Reef Television

TX: Autumn 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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