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Greenlit: Never Too Old, BBC1

Never Too Old w/t (2 x 60′)  – John Simpson, Gloria Hunniford, Lesley Joseph and Tony Robinson leave their comfort and busy lives to experience an old age a world away from their own. They each move in with a pensioner experiencing one of the toughest problems facing senior citizens in the UK.

John is confronted with the harsh realities of loneliness as he spends time with an isolated pensioner, while Lesley experiences the pain of caring for someone you love when she lives with a couple struggling with the impact of ill-health.

Gloria spends time with a grandmother dealing with the grind of poverty while Tony is faced with the anguish of a pensioner’s bereavement.

In the second programme, the four famous pensioners face up to a life they all fear when they move into care homes and live alongside elderly people forced to rely on others to survive their final years.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: BBC Productions

TX: July 2012

Source: BBC press release


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