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Greenlit: Lee Kern’s Celebrity Bedlam, E4

Lee Kern’s Celebrity Bedlam (6 x 30′) – See a plethora of celebrities confronted with one outlandish set-up after another in a surreal and ambitious take on the prank show. Comedian Lee Kern creates a world of absurd situations as he shows just what sort of mess unsuspecting Celebrities can get themselves into when asked to deal with and talk about the big issues of the day.

Lee will try and convince celebrities that badger culling in Rickmansworth is now being carried out by Native Americans, act as the world’s only blind racing driver and convince one that it was actually a monkey who played the drums in Dire Straits. In one of the most outrageous and eccentric TV stunts, Lee, posing as a scientist in a fake laboratory, manages to convince certain celebrities that they are meeting human clones of themselves.

Over the series, Lee will explore the environment, science, travel, health, fame and the end of the world and try and help celebrities answer questions such as;

  • Is there such a thing as a bat with human testicles?
  • Why has the iceberg hit by the Titanic been discovered near Sri Lanka?
  • And did Captain Scott really trek to the South Pole with a Robot?
  • So…will Lee be able to convince celebrities of the ability for your five a day to cure sexually transmitted diseases?
  • And will they really believe that scientists can now understand Dolphin language?

Channel: E4

Producer:  Objective Productions

TX: Summer 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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