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Greenlit: Help Me I’m Human!, Sky 1

Help Me I’m Human! (pilot) – A smart and candid comedy chat show dedicated to helping us navigate our way through the minefield that is modern life – the mixed signals, indecision, awkwardness and guilt. How do you know if the woman you’re about to offer your seat to is pregnant or just fat? How do you choose between a handshake, hug or a kiss? What should you do if your boss asks to be your friend on Facebook? What do you say to that friend who is always fishing for compliments? These cringeworthy issues are tackled head on, as brand new rules are established to help with the tricky business of 21st century life.

The dilemmas will be opened up to discussion before a panel of celebrity guests, whilst a hidden camera team will go out onto the streets to test different responses to the predicaments. Viewers will be encouraged to interact with the show by sending in their dilemmas and questions and participating in an online forum.

Channel: Sky 1

Producer: Hat Trick

TX: 2013

Source: Sky press office


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