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Greenlit: Get Stuffed, OLN

Get Stuffed (13 x 30′) – A look into the bizarre and thrilling world of wacky international competitions as Erin Simms, Josh Rice, Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat and Kalyn Miles test their limits on strength, endurance and tolerance in the strangest ways possible. Each week, two of the four brave individuals battle it out in the world’s most outlandish competitions – from chicken beauty pageants in Alabama to greased pig racing in Quebec. In addition to training for each competition, the competitors have placed an edible side bet, tasking a local chef to help them prepare an unforgettable punishing delight for the loser. From a pig’s ear sandwich to the aptly named ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger,’ no plate goes unturned in the search for the best punishment meal.
In the series premiere “Ostrich Races,”contestants Kalyn and Erin travel to Chandler, Arizona to compete against one another in the Ostriches Races. Feathers fly when the competitors realize how hard it is to balance on a 250 lb bird at 70 km per hour with no saddle or harness. The winner will get the glory, and the loser will Get Stuffed.
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Channel: OLN

Producer: Worldwide Bag Media Inc.

TX: 3rd July 2012

Source: OLN press release


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