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Greenlit: Diagnosis: Dead or Alive, Discovery Fit & Health

Diagnosis: Dead or Alive  – This new series explores the medical world’s deepest mysteries through the voices of the patients who lived them, but that’s not to say they lived through them. From the very first symptoms, to the frantic search for a diagnosis, viewers will be left guessing the outcome of the patient until the very end. Did the patient fully recover? Or is this story being told from beyond the grave? From Bonnie, an adoring mother with a slight tingle that travels from her foot to her right hand…then becomes completely paralyzed on the right side of her body within five days to Shannon, a college student with the flu whose fever spikes to 104 causing her to black out and her doctors discover an unheard of condition. These women and the other patients need a diagnosis for their unusual symptoms but the question is: will this diagnosis be dead or alive?

Channel: Discovery Fit & Health

TX: 25th June, 2012

Source: Discovery Fit & Health press release


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