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Greenlit: Danger By Design, Science Channel

Danger by Design (6 x ) – Nik Wallenda, a seventh generation descendent of the legendary acrobatic troupe, The Flying Wallendas, is on a mission to bring his death-defying skills to a 21st century audience.  We follow Nik and his family as they create spectacular acts that cheat death through science, skill and discipline.  To ensure he makes it through each performance successfully and alive, Nik works closely with his safety coordinator (his father Terry) and his chief engineer (his uncle Mike) to design stunts that can withstand the elements.  From wind speed analysis to engineering explosives, Nik carries on his family’s legacy, pushing the limits of science further than ever before.  For Nik and the Wallenda family, even in the toughest of circumstances, the show must go on.

  1. The Bahamas – Nik attempts to break the world record for the highest bicycle ride on a tight rope at Atlantis Paradise Island.  Later, as Nik prepares for the longest wire walk of his career, his father has a medical emergency, leaving him to ponder whether or not he can perform the stunt without his lead safety coordinator.
  2. Sway Poles & Motorcycle Ride – Nik and his wife Erendira showcase their talents as a couple.  First in their hometown of Sarasota, FL, the pair does an astonishing sway pole act.  Later in Santa Cruz, CA, Nik plans to ride a motorcycle atop a wire while his wife does a trapeze act below the bike.  The team must re-engineer the motorcycle to execute a 360-degree revolution around the wire with Nik and Erendira aboard.
  3. Wheel of Death – Nik and his team visit Atlantic City, NJ for a high wire walk.  Afterward, Nick is invited back for a breathtaking performance on a rotating apparatus known as The Wheel of Death.  The feat is to be executed 28 stories above the ground, creating a host of logistical concerns for the safety of both the delicate equipment, and Nik himself.
  4. Exploding Box, Return to Puerto Rico – Nik tries to cheat death by climbing inside a box filled with dynamite.  Also, Nik wants to re-create the high wire walk that killed his great-grandfather in San Juan Puerto Rico.  Nik’s team must reverse-engineer the conditions of the deadly stunt to determine what caused the family’s patriarch to perish. 
  5. Zip Line, Ferris Wheel Walk – The team must engineer Nik’s first fire-related stunt, which has him zip-lining across a water park while ablaze, and landing in a shallow pool.  Also, Nik returns to Santa Cruz where he will attempt to walk atop a moving Ferris Wheel for the first time in his career.
  6.  Helicopter Hang  – Nik brings his unique talents to Branson, Missouri, where he and his family will perform a three-person high-wire pyramid act.  Later, Nik attempts a solo stunt where he performs acrobatic feats on a trapeze hanging underneath a moving helicopter, finishing with him hanging by only his jaw.

Channel: Science

TX: 18th June 2012

Source: Science Channel press release


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