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Greenlit: Cutting Edge: Britain’s Stalking Epidemic, Channel 4

Britain’s Stalking Epidemic (1 x 60′) – Every year over a million people are stalked in Britain, resulting in harassment, fear, physical assault and in some extreme cases rape and murder. The UK has an extremely high stalking rate which is increasingly on the rise and it is estimated that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men who have been stalked have even come face to face with their own stalker.

In an attempt to probe deep into the mind of a stalker and discover what triggers their thoughts and actions, this film will provide an insight into the work of specialist psychiatrists at The National Stalking Clinic in North London. Channel 4 has been granted unique access to the clinic which sees psychiatrists explore the inner psychology of stalkers and the sexual and malicious triggers for their actions, as well tracking their treatment and rehabilitation.

The National Stalking Clinic was set up by a team of specialist forensic psychiatrists in December 2011 who believe treatment and rehabilitation of stalkers is vital to prevent more victims. The psychiatrists work closely with the offenders to try and stop their predatory behaviour which can prove challenging when they are all fixated and obsessed with their victims. Psychiatrists need to effectively balance the impulsive behaviour of these stalkers and make them take responsibility for their actions; as well as taking into account their individual rights to be free from harm and menace.

Britain’s Stalking Epidemic will observe and examine closely the rehabilitation journey of several different ‘types’ of stalkers. It will intimately examine the stalker’s complex desires and behaviour as they come into contact with the forensic psychiatric teams treating them, and their specially chosen victims

Channel: Channel 4 (Cutting Edge)

Producer: True Vision Productions


Source: Channel 4 press release


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