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Greenlit: Britain and the Sea, BBC1

Britain And The Sea (4 x) –  David Dimbleby sets sail on Rocket – his own much-loved, red-sailed cutter – to explore the rich heritage of Britain’s maritime art and culture.  From the raging seascapes of Turner and Constable – and the music and literature of the sea – to the ports and forts that define and defend our coastline, David will visit the places, examine the art, uncover the artefacts and meet the people that tell the story of our island nation. Over the course of four programmes, each one a different geographical journey along the coasts and waterways of the British Isles, David will investigate our changing relationship with the sea, and demonstrate the way in which it has shaped our history, our culture and our identity.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: BBC Vision


Source: BBC press release


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