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In Development: The Cat Deeley Celebrity Project, Style

The Cat Deeley Celebrity Project ( x 60′) – Series that follows television personality and fashion diva, Cat Deeley, into the homes and lifestyles of some of today’s hottest stars! Through this casual and intimate lens, Cat treats viewers not only to a front-seat tour of their favorites star’s home, but into their lives, as well, as they share personal stories triggered by treasured items. Whether it’s the Oscar she won for a role she almost didn’t take, her favorite pair of jeans, or the raggedy old couch she won’t get rid of, viewers will get an inside glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities. Every item in the house is a testament to the celebrity’s style and we’re going to learn the stories behind it all.

Channel: Style Network

Producer: A. Smith Productions

TX:  2012

Source: Style Media press release


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