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Greenlit: The Brit List, BBC America

The Brit List (3 x ) – A series of new specials hosted by pop culture correspondent Asha Leo:

  • The Brit List: 20 Sexiest – From Tom Hardy to Cadbury Flake commercials to the Aston Martin, this episode ranks the hottest British models, actors, athletes, musicians and iconic elements of British pop culture.
  •  The Brit List: 20 CoolestFrom Vivienne Westwood to Idris Elba, this episode looks at the effortless style, grace, energy and irreverence in a word “cool” that is uniquely British.
  • The Brit List: 20 Baddest – From Lord Voldemort to Johnny Rotten, this show features the nasty and naughty who utterly demolish the stereotype of the polite Brit.

Channel: BBC America

Producer: Embassy Row

TX: 12th June 2012

Source: BBC America press release


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