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Greenlit: Surprise With Jenny McCarthy, NBC

Surprise With Jenny McCarthy ( x 60′) –  Actress, comedienne and best-selling author Jenny McCarthy hosts a variety show that centers around giving people surprises of a lifetime. There are multiple surprises within an episode – from dramatic reunions to surprise announcements to good-natured pranks with fantastic feel-good twists.  And, whether the surprise is an emotional roller coaster, a heartfelt thank-you, a hero’s reward or a slightly devilish prank with a happy ending, viewers get a chance to know the true stories of the people involved, which makes the payoffs all the more meaningful.  As ringleader, cheerleader, head instigator and mistress of ceremonies, McCarthy helps pull off all kinds of incredible surprises on people from all walks of life. A. Smith & Co. and ITV Studios.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NBCSurprise

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/NBCSurprise

Channel: NBC

Producer: A. Smith & Co. and ITV Studios.

TX: 2012/3

Source: NBCU press release


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