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Greenlit: Six Little McGhees, OWN

Six Little McGhees w/t –  Follows the inspirational lives of Mia and Rozonno McGhee as they juggle marriage, a family business, and six adorable toddlers!  High school sweethearts who banded together to rise above their impoverished roots, Mia and Ro never imagined that theywould be blessed with Columbus, Ohio’s first sextuplets.  Together, with an unconventional army of volunteers, they prove that with a lot of love and a little support, anyone can beat the odds.  From sun up to sun down, cameras document each busy day as the McGhees navigate life with six babies and a small entourage of helpers.  And with the terrible two’s fast approaching, the trouble has just begun.

Channel: OWN

Producer: Candor Entertainment

TX: 15th December 2012

Source: OWN press release


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