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Greenlit: Party Fabulous Vegas, Style

Party Fabulous Vegas (  x 60′) –  Event planner, Tory Cooper, and socialite, Joan Hammer, are co-owners of Priceless Affairs, a Las Vegas event company that throws high-end, over-the-top parties. The series follows Joan and Tory along with the help of their eclectic staff — a florist with a flair for vintage, an assistant who aspires to run the show and the hot photographer who captures all the magic. Each episode will follow the team as they plan amazing and entertaining events such as a three-day $350,000 wedding event, a double birthday party for two wealthy teen girls and a pool party for a 24-year old Vegas native who has the money to party with a few hundred of his nearest and dearest friends. As they say…only in Vegas.

Channel: Style Network

Producer: Gay Rosenthal Productions

TX: 2012

Source: Style Media press release


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