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Greenlit: Married to the Moonies, Channel 4

Married to the Moonies (1 x 60′) – This revealing documentary takes viewers inside the little known world of the Unification Church, commonly known to outsiders as the Moonies, and branded by some as a brain washing cult. The film follows three young British followers as they prepare to travel to Korea to be blessed alongside thousands of others by their Messiah, the Reverend Moon, in one of the movement’s controversial mass weddings.

Having been brought up to obey strict rules of celibacy some are matched by their parents to partners they sometimes have never met. Cameras follow them as they undertake a condensed courtship; meeting and making plans for the future with a person they hardly know.

To ensure none of the other two thousand brides has the same dress as her on her big day, 22 year old psychology student Elisa has decided to make her own wedding dress. ‘Many people, doing the same thing at the same time, of course it’s going to be stressful!’

Twenty one year old Reamonn plans to marry someone he hasn’t even met.

Having been matched with a girl from Argentina by his parents, the cameras follow Reamonn to the airport as he meets his future bride for the first time.

Also in Korea is 20 year old Naomi from South London, who is matched with her future husband just days before the wedding ceremony.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Firecracker Films

TX: Late May 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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