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Greenlit: Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation, UKTV Good Food

Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation w/t (10 x 30′) – Curry is the UK’s favourite dish, and Madhur Jaffrey is television’s favourite Indian cook. For generations of food lovers around the world she is the authority on its cuisine. Now she is about to undertake a personal journey around Britain, exploring the spices, flavours and fragrances of her native cuisine and the impact it has had on us as a nation.

From London to Birmingham and Glasgow to Leicester, she will present her unique food map of the UK in her usual eloquent, enthusiastic and passionate style, exploring the breadth of South Asian cuisine that has made its home here.

Madhur Jaffrey first visited Britain as a young woman, at a time when almost no one here cooked, or knew anything about Indian or South Asian food. Now more than 30 years later, this is her chance to reflect on how radically the nation has changed its attitudes towards it, and to also look back on her own extraordinary career.

GoodFoodchannel.co.uk will also compliment the material featured in the series, through additional filmed content of Madhur’s British journey of discovery. And, as she meets and cooks alongside real people, she will make dishes from the whole of the Indian continent, showing us her unique interpretation of classic Indian and South Asian dishes.

Each of the exciting new recipes from the series will be featured on the website, helping to enhance the already impressive library of over 16,000 dishes already featured.

Channel: UKTV Good Food

Producer: Cactus TV

TX: Late 2012

Source: UKTV press release


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