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Greenlit: Wild Hawaii, Animal Planet

Wild Hawaii w/t –  In the vast Pacific Ocean is one of America’s most splendid and cherished treasures – Hawaii. The isolated islands and its pristine beaches serve as tropical oases for tourists from around the globe, yet few who step foot on the sacred land realize the true beauty and complexity that Hawaii has to offer. Travel from the endless, coral gardens of the Pacific, to the snowy and ice-capped peak of Mauna Loa, one of the five volcanoes that helped form Hawaii. In between, watch as green turtles navigate tiger shark-infested waters on their quest to sunbathe on the beaches of Hawaii alongside monk seals. Traverse the rain-drenched forests of the islands, and observe the hunting prowess of inchworm moth caterpillars and the three-horned Jackson’s chameleon, two of Hawaii’s most active predators. And, marvel at the lava cricket, an opportunistic insect that lives and hunts in The Big Island’s lava fields, broiling at 2000-degree F.

Channel: Animal Planet

TX: 2012 / 2013

Source: Animal Planet press release


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