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Greenlit: Treehouse Men, Animal Planet

Treehouse Men w/t –  In the forests outside of Seattle reside a specialized group of men earning their living in the treetops; swinging from tether riggings hundreds of feet off the ground; operating highly dangerous construction equipment; and battling every weather element Mother Nature throws their way. But these guys aren’t your everyday ax men; in fact, they’re nothing like them. Their singular objective is to fulfill the wishes and desires of their clients, ranging from billionaire CEOs to 10-year-old kids who just want to daydream amongst the clouds. Led by pioneering tree-house virtuoso Pete Nelson, the Treehouse Men are an elite team of talented designers, carpenters and builders bonded together to create the most magnificent, whimsical and jaw-dropping tree houses in forests and backyards all across America and around the world. But building these sanctuaries in the sky comes with a host of challenges including crazy deadlines, treacherous terrain, dizzying heights and demanding clients. Pete and his crew work through every obstacle to reach the ultimate goal – to help their clients reconnect with nature by turning their dreams of sky-high havens into breathtaking realities.

Channel: Animal Planet

TX: 2012 / 2013

Source: Animal Planet press release


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