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Greenlit: The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight, BBC2

The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight (4 x 60′) – The Hairy Bikers are back with a brand new mission. Si King and Dave Myers have made their names cooking real food for real people, creating mouth-watering dishes big on flavour and calories and their bodies have taken the toll after many years of good cooking.

Now all that has to stop. The problem is they’re not prepared to live on salads and compromise on taste. Loving the food they eat is a cornerstone of their lives and they know they won’t succeed in shedding the pounds if the food they eat is dull and repetitive. Their plan: to try to create some delicious healthy recipes to help them on their way and so persuade Britain to lose weight with them.

Getting trimmer starts at home, so the boys seek their families’ support as they’ll have to come along for the ride too. Then as Si and Dave set out to change the way they eat they conclude it’s not just the food that’s got to be different; their lifestyles will have to change too. It’s time, they decide, to garage their beloved motorbikes and take up pedal power in their quest to lose weight.

On their journey the boys will join forces with the men and women of Britain to find ways of creating food that satisfies their lust for tasty cooking and answers the demands of the doctors and nutritionists who want them to make less of themselves. The boys hope that what starts with a mighty weigh-in will end in triumph, lessons learned and trousers taken in.

Calling on viewers to help build an online cookbook of low-cal delights, the Bikers set out to discover how to enjoy the best Great British food at home, when entertaining friends and menu in hand at the restaurant and still lose weight. Creating new dishes and adapting some culinary treasures to make them and us fitter for life, Si and Dave deliver laughter and tears on an emotional and great-tasting odyssey.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Optomen


Source: BBC press release


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