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Greenlit: Frontier Earth with Dave Salmoni, Animal Planet

Frontier Earth with Dave Salmoni w/t (6 x 60′) –  Animal Planet’s large predator expert, Dave Salmoni – hosts a series of eye-popping natural history stories. Viewers embark on a Salmoni-guided journey to the frontlines of major ecosystems, unfolding the plights of the world’s most enigmatic animals.

  1. The Woman Who Swims with Killer Whales  w/t  – orca passionate Dr. Ingrid Visser is one of the only scientists in the world to dive with these killer whales. This film dissects her daily encounters among this complex mammal society, which is now under attack by competitive killer whales.
  2. Killer Queen w/t – Arizona badland ants are Napoleanic; their small stature doesn’t hinder them from warlike, aggressive behavior and unrivaled, nihilistic motives.
  3. Dragon’s Bite w/t – A leading scientist tracks down the Komodo dragon, the reigning lizard king with a deadly secretive, venomous bite on the Island of Komodo in the Republic of Indonesia
  4. Tiger vs. Leopard w/t – India’s Sariska Nature Reserve was once known for its crowning efforts in tiger conversation. In 2004, poaching wiped out the tigers, and leopards moved into the territory. With a movement to reintroduce the native tigers, are the tigers able to breed a new population and claim back the territory from the leopards?
  5. Anna and the Gremlins w/t – primatologist Anna Nekaris devotes her life to studying the elusive and highly threatened primate, the slow loris. On the outset, these creatures look like adorable characters from children’s books, but discover what gives them a Jekyll-Hyde twist.
  6. Lemur Blues w/t – US biologist Erik Patel is on a mission to save the Sifaka lemurs from extinction due to logging precious hardwoods used to make high-priced guitars and other luxury items as he investigates the illegal trade that’s killing these lemurs.

Channel: Animal Planet


Source: Animal Planet press release


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