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Greenlit: Eat, Drink, Cook China, BBC2

Eat, Drink, Cook China (4 x 60′) – Ken Hom & Ching-He Huang cook their way across China in an epic culinary adventure. Set against the backdrop of ancient and modern Asia together they embark on a journey of rediscovery and an emotional homecoming. Through the people they meet, cook and eat with they get beneath the skin of this rapidly evolving and hugely important nation.

Ken and Ching have transformed how we cook, eat and view Chinese food and have deep personal connections to the country. Though neither were born on Chinese soil their love of food has kept them close to their family roots in the nation. They share a creative restlessness that inspires them to innovate and challenge Chinese cooking conventions and whilst in China they delve into the conflict between tradition and innovation that is at the heart of China’s food culture.

Their 5000 mile journey will take them from the towering megacities in the east to the forgotten villages of the Wild West. They’ll travel back into the country’s Imperial Past, tasting the favoured dishes of its Emperors and finding out how the Cultural Revolution tried to eradicate China’s culinary heritage. They’ll be rolling up their sleeves and whipping out their woks in the kitchens of cutting edge chefs, noodle masters, tribal families and Buddhist monks as they seek to master both classic and regional dishes, from bamboo chicken and twice cooked pork to spicy street snacks and delicious dim sum.

Beginning in the vibrant capital of Beijing – famed for its Peking duck, hand pulled noodles and mouth-watering dumplings – Ken and Ching explore everything from the city that China has presented to the west to the unfamiliar rural outlying areas in the shadow of the Great Wall. They next travel through China’s spicy Sichuan heartland, where the chilli pepper is king and hot pot is a hearty classic before exploring the influence and cuisine of minority cultures in Yunnan, and the mystical Northern city of Kashgar, lying on the ancient Silk Road.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: KEO Films


Source: BBC press release


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